In the beginning there was … a watch. Not any watch, of course. For more than a decade, Zegg & Cerlati has been exceptionally successful selling timepieces. But … they were always somebody else’s. Rolex, IWC, Hublot … you name it. Hence, the two founders put their heads together and hatched a cunning plan. Let´s make a watch, our own watch.

That they did.

To this day, the Zegg & Cerlati Montre is a highly regarded collector´s item for the discerning horology aficionado.

What all this has to do with jewelry? Very little and … everything. If affluent customers fancied highly customized watches they surely would be in the market for other luxury gifts that were anything but off the rack. Indeed they were. So after the successful launch of their own watch it was almost a natural progression for Zegg & Cerlati to try their fortune at jewelry design. Again, they went to work. And just like with their own unique watch their ideas centered on niche products that the big jewelry companies shied away from. A fresh approach to the virtues of jewelry design.




Less classic, more … adventurous. More emotional, less … assembly line. Within a short period of time they had manufactured an array of bespoke creations — all of them true to Carlo Cerlati`s philosophy: create each piece as natural as possible but always with that special detail that would set them apart from others.


In his own words: “Unnecessary to seek a different interpretation … nature is so perfect … we can simply try to reproduce it”. An attitude best reflected in the collection of “animated” animals, so to speak. Butterflies that feature beating wings or a wildcat that hisses. With a seemingly endless imagination his quest for details goes far beyond the animal collections. There are rings that let you show what mood you are in, rings that feature a hidden mirror, flowers that open and close and reveal a waft of your favorite fragrance or magic hearts that change both colors and stones in a … heartbeat. His creations have seemingly no limits.


While everything created in their workshops is already the epitome of bespoke creations, Zegg & Cerlati does go one step further and offers an even more personal approach: they gladly collaborate closely with the individual customer`s preference and wishes. From scratch … which could be a faded photo or a barely visible drawing they will recreate memories, distant or close, and bring them alive in a ring, a penchant, a necklace bearing the image of a pet or whatever else inspires the imagination.

Needless to say, their ingenuity carried over to other realms as well. An extraordinarily designed line of virtually every imaginable accessory is testament to that. Belt buckles, cuff links, sunglasses; everything comes with a little twist. A diamond studded ping-pong bat? Yes, they can do that, too.